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Welcome to the Rutgers Police Department


Campus Safety

On all campuses, the Rutgers University Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide the university community with a full range of police and security services. The departments are committed to providing quality law enforcement and security services to enhance the quality of life for all students, employees, and visitors.


Contact Information

For an Emergency
(Police, Fire, Medical)

Dial 9-1-1

Emergency Numbers
From a University Phone

Obtain an outside line, then dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Numbers
Camden Campus: 856-225-6111
Health Sciences at Newark:
Newark Campus: 973-353-5111
New Brunswick Campus:

Get Emergency Alerts on Your Cell Phone
During emergencies, accurate information is important. Rutgers Students, faculty and staff can receive up-to-date emergency information conveniently via cell phone text message. To register, update your emergency-notification information (Rutgers NetID Required).

Each regional campus maintains a fully staffed police headquarters, and non-emergency contact information varies by location. While the police chiefs in Newark and Camden report to their respective chancellor's office, all follow policies, procedures, administrative practices, and emergency operational plans established for the entire university.

For campus specific public safety information, go to:

Information regarding public safety at Rutgers is available from each campus police department. The Safety Matters report details public safety statistics, services, and programs at each of the regional campuses. It is available online for all Rutgers University Campuses.

A paper copy can be obtained at the RUPD headquarters on each campus or by emailing the APS Communications Director at The locations of the RUPD headquarters are:

  • Camden Campus: 409 North 4th Street
  • Health Sciences Campus: 5 Bruce Street
  • Newark Campus: 200 University Avenue
  • New Brunswick Campus: 55 Commercial Avenue

On July 30, 2011, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) awarded the Rutgers University Police Department full advanced law enforcement accreditation. Achieving accreditation represents the completion of a three year department-wide period of self evaluation which concluded with a thorough review by a team of independent assessors. In receiving the status, CALEA has confirmed that the department met or exceeded 479 standards established by CALEA and accepted by the international law enforcement community as best practices. 

The Rutgers University Police Department is now one of only twelve law enforcement agencies within the State of New Jersey that are CALEA accredited.  There are over 18,000 police departments in the United States alone and CALEA has awarded advanced law enforcement accreditation to just over six hundred departments world-wide, including only 57 college or university Police Departments.

Additional information about law enforcement accreditation can be found at


Rutgers works with neighboring police departments, local governments, the State of New Jersey, and the National Guard in mutual aid partnerships and regularly conducts exercises designed to better prepare the university for any kind of emergency or disaster. Based on lessons learned from these drills and from experiences at other universities nationwide, Rutgers continuously reviews and updates its emergency operational plans.

The university's emergency notification system uses many different and overlapping mechanisms to provide time-critical information to the Rutgers community, as no single mechanism is sufficient to provide blanket notification. Methods include email, website announcements, TV, radio, and text messaging to cell phones, as well as low-tech mass communications such as electronic signs, bullhorns, and police car speaker systems. As with all emergency planning, our notification systems are regularly tested and upgraded.